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Missing May Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

  • On the bus, Cletus shows Summer a surreal vintage photo of a baby who looks like he's hovering in midair. It's totally creepy.
  • Cletus apparently got it from an old lady's house, which just adds to the creep factor.
  • Cletus comes over after school, and as predicted Uncle Ob asks him if he believes in an afterlife—not only does Cletus say that he does, he claims that he's been there.
  • When Cletus was little, he drowned and suddenly saw his dead grandpa and his dead dog Cicero; then he came back to life.
  • After Uncle Ob hears this, he tells Cletus that he wants him to try to communicate with Aunt May for him. Uncle Ob's got his hopes up, big time.
  • Summer is not pleased about this, both because she doesn't want to hang out with Cletus more and because she doesn't want Uncle Ob to be devastated when contacting Aunt May doesn't work.
  • They've gotten themselves into quite a sticky situation.

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