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Missing May Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

  • The next day is not good. Uncle Ob doesn't get out of bed and Summer can tell that he's humiliated.
  • Summer sure knows what that feels like. One time at school, the teacher read someone else's description of a girl who seemed to be a sad welfare case with bad hair and clothes and though it took a while, Summer realized that the description was about her, and she felt super embarrassed and exposed.
  • Summer makes coffee, calls the junior high to let them know that she won't be going to school, and leaves Uncle Ob alone for a while. She's got some pretty wise adult instincts.
  • Uncle Ob eventually comes downstairs and Summer feeds him breakfast. They make some small talk, but then Uncle Ob says something kind of scary: he tells Summer that he doesn't know if he can keep going. He doesn't know if he can take care of Summer.
  • She assures him that she can keep things running, and suggests that maybe he should make some new whirligigs. But he says he's got nothing left in him to be creative.
  • Then they wait for Cletus to show up after he's done with school.

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