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Missing May Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • When Cletus shows up, he comes bearing a newspaper clipping about a spiritualist church with a reverend who communicates with the dead.
  • Summer thinks he's out-of-his-mind insane, but Uncle Ob is ready to give it a shot and says that they'll all be driving over to Putnam County during their school break in order to hunt down this reverend lady who raises bats.
  • Even though Summer still thinks Cletus is weird (and probably wouldn't like to be seen with him too often at school), she has to admit that Aunt May would probably like him—she always liked strange people.
  • They decide that they'll go over to Cletus's house on Saturday to meet his parents and get the go-ahead to take him to Putnam County the next week.
  • Although Uncle Ob and Cletus are both excited, Summer is apprehensive—she doesn't want to go all the way to Putnam County to lose more, to watch more hope drain from Uncle Ob. Hopefully the bat-raising reverend isn't a total hoax. Our fingers are crossed, are yours?

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