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Missing May Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • They start out on their trip and Cletus pulls out a bunch of magazines. He explains that he got them from some old dude who had them sitting in his outhouse for over a decade. Umm… we hope he slathered them with sanitizer.
  • They go quiet and have a nice, silent car ride, but as they get closer to Charleston, Cletus starts to get antsier from excitement—he's always wanted to see the state's capitol, especially since he's never really travelled beyond their little town.
  • As they drive by the capitol building, everyone just admires it. It's so much grander than their little town and even Uncle Ob is in awe of it.
  • Uncle Ob promises them that when they go back tomorrow, they'll spend a whole day at the capitol exploring. What an adventure they're on.

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