Study Guide

Anna Fang in Mortal Engines

By Philip Reeve

Anna Fang

Red Fang

A gorgeous aviatrix in a red coat who saves Tom's and Hester's hides on multiple occasions, Anna Fang is one of the few courageous adults in the story. Perhaps it's because she had a childhood not unlike Tom's and Hester's. We only get a small glimpse at her life through the words of her friend Captain Khora, but we can infer a lot from what he says. "Her parents had the bad luck to be aboard a town that was eaten by Arkangel. They were put to work as slaves" (12.8). Anna's parents are as good as dead, just like Tom's and Hester's parents.

Forced into independence at a young age, Anna Fang built her airship, the Jenny Haniver, herself—and escaped. She soon turned into a rebel, assassinating leaders and blowing up towns in the name of saving lives. She's the type of person who seems to believe that the deaths of a few don't really matter when the lives of many are at stake. Tom sees her as a traitor at first, but by the time he starts killing himself to save others, he sees where she's coming from.

Anna Fang gives her life to her cause when she dies in a duel with Valentine. Hester and Tom end up taking the Jenny Haniver, Anna Fang's airship. We're not sure where Tom and Hester are going at the end of the novel, but it's likely their lives will resemble Anna's. We just hope they end up living a little longer.