Study Guide

The Historians' Guild in Mortal Engines

By Philip Reeve

The Historians' Guild

A Page in Our History Book

Were it not for the brave Chudleigh Pomeroy—now there's a name that screams courage—the Historians' Guild would be just a group of cowardly old men. We hardly get to know any of them, aside from Pomeroy, the Deputy Head of the Guild of Historians; and Dr. Arkengarth, who is a total Debbie Downer.

However, when the Engineers threaten not only Katherine but also the safety of London, the Historians take up arms and stand their ground. It's pretty impressive. Sadly, Dr. Arkengarth and Dr. Weymouth perish in the assault (and all the rest of the Historians probably die when London goes nuclear), but the whole scene goes to show that even bookworms and archaeological nerds can kick some butt.