Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 12

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 12

The Gasbag and Gondola

  • At the Gasbag and Gondola (an Inn, not Donald Trump's new restaurant), Tom and Hester meet Anna Fang's friends.
  • Remember Captain Khora: you'll be seeing him again.
  • Khora tells Tom a few things about Anna, notably that she built the Jenny Haniver herself. Wow.
  • Then the lights go out. Followed by crashes and other ominous breaking sounds.
  • It's Grike, the Stalker, and he's come to kill Hester. A battle breaks out and Tom and Hester run.
  • Hester is adamant that Grike wouldn't kill her. It's almost like she knows him (it?) or something.
  • They reach the Jenny Haniver, but Grike has already slashed the balloon, rendering the airship inoperable.
  • The whole town of Airhaven starts to tilt. It's going down! Abandon town! Women and children first!
  • Tom and Hester steal a balloon and float off into the night.