Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 13

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 13

The Resurrected Man

  • Taking a ride in a beautiful (stolen) balloon, Hester tells Tom how she and Grike met.
  • You see, Grike was a bounty hunter living in Strole, and when he wasn't cutting off heads and collecting bounties, he was collecting dolls of women and children. Nope, nothing creepy or serial killery about that!
  • When Hester washed ashore after escaping near death by Valentine's sword, Grike took her in, making her kind of like a living member of his collection. How... sweet?
  • Hester lived with Grike for five years before leaving him to hunt down Valentine.
  • Back in the present, Grike is hunting down Hester. To outwit him, she lets some air out of the balloon, and she and Tom hop out onto the ground. The balloon floats back up without them: an empty decoy. Smart move!