Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 14

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 14

The Guildhall

  • Katherine makes an appointment to see Magnus Crome, the Lord Mayor of London.
  • She demands to know why Hester tried to kill her father. Also, she wants to know what MEDUSA is.
  • Crome dismisses her, telling her to "leave grown-up matters to those who understand them" (14.17).
  • Grown-up matters?! Katherine fumes about being dismissed because of her age. "We'll show him, Dog!" (14.20), she says, stomping out of the office. Um, Kathy, some advice, friend-to-friend: if you're worried about not being seen as a grown-up, don't talk to your dog in public. That would be the wolf you named Dog. 'Kay?