Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 18

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 18


  • London has found itself on the opposing end of pursuit. A giant town named Panzerstadt-Bayreuth is in hot pursuit. The citizens are nervous.
  • But life goes on. Katherine receives a note from "a friend" asking her to meet him for lunch.
  • They meet at a classy fast-food establishment serving "a wedge of impossibly pink meat sandwiched between two rounds of algae-bread" (18.25). We're glad to see that pink slime exists even in parallel sci-fi universes. Blech.
  • The friend turns out to be Bevis Pod, the engineer who witnessed Hester's fall. He must have left Butthead at home.
  • Bevis tells her that Hester did not pull Tom down with her, although he left before seeing Tom fall.
  • Then, Bevis spills the beans about K Division: dead workers are taken there and resurrected as cyborg-like creatures, like Grike.
  • When Katherine asks him about MEDUSA, he says he's heard of it, but he's not exactly sure what it is. Sounds like trouble, though.
  • All this juicy gossip makes Katherine want to find out what Crome is up to even more.