Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 19

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 19

The Sea of Khazak

  • Peavey reveals his big plan: to storm the Black Island and get rich.
  • It seems that when Airhaven fell, it landed on Black Island. Now, all the airships there are sitting ducks.
  • Tunbridge Wheels is an amphibious town, and it sails through the waters toward Black Island.
  • Things are going well as it chases a small ship... that is, until the ship leads them into shallow water and the rocks tear a hole in the town. "Abandon town! […] Women and mayors first!" (19.45) shouts Peavey. He clearly didn't learn anything about being a gentleman from Tom.
  • Peavey, Tom, Hester, and a handful of Peavey's henchman manage to get aboard what appears to be the only life raft. What is this, the Titanic?
  • Tunbridge Wheels sinks fast, with everyone else on board, including Peavey's daughter.