Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 23

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 23


  • St. Paul's Cathedral has been transformed into a weapon of mass destruction.
  • Katherine stands outside watching as MEDUSA emerges from the top of the cathedral. The rain washes off the Guild-mark she'd painted on her forehead as a disguise, which exposes her as an imposter.
  • Taking a page from Tom's book of escape, Katherine runs. She runs so far away. Until she sees Chudleigh Pomeroy of the Historian's Guild. He helps her escape.
  • When Katherine and Chudleigh are far from the cathedral, MEDUSA ignites. "A snarling, spitting cat-o'-nine tails lashing out to lick at the upperworks of Panzerstadt-Bayreuth" (23.43).
  • And BOOM—it's gone.
  • Katherine expects all of London's citizens to scream in horror, "but no; they were cheering, cheering, cheering" (23.46).