Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 24

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 24

An Agent of the League

  • Tom and Hester can see the light from the MEDUSA attack all the way out from where they are.
  • Once the commotion from Grike's death simmers down, Anna Fang shows up and takes them into town for medical attention.
  • Tom's conflicted: he doesn't trust Anna, because she's a spy. He also feels bad about killing Grike. Even though Grike was kind of evil, he was also kind of a person.
  • After a nice hot meal of toad-in-the-hole "with real toad" (24.16), Anna convinces Tom to come with her. "I want Hester to come with me and tell her side of the story. And Hester will only go if you come, too. […] She likes you very much" (24.32, 24.34).
  • Katherine who? Tom agrees to go with them.