Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 28

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 28

A Stranger in the Mountains of Heaven

  • Tom chases Valentine through the streets, shouting "It's Valentine!" (28.6), but no one speaks his language, so this doesn't raise any alarm bells.
  • Plus, he's been chasing some other dude in a red robe. He spots the real Valentine across the square and starts chasing him again. He tries yelling "It's Valentine!" (28.7) again, but people are either confused or panicked by some weird white boy shouting in the street.
  • Tom runs back to Anna Fang and warns her. That gets some attention.
  • Worried that Tom's been sent to sabotage the air fleet, Anna Fang rushes to the docks. Hester goes too, hoping to kill Valentine before Anna Fang gets to him.
  • By the time they get to the docks, Valentine has already blown up ships and stabbed Captain Khora in the chest.
  • Tom gets lost searching for Hester amidst the flaming wreckage of all the airships.
  • After a frantic search, Tom finds himself back outside, where Anna Fang and Valentine are locked in a sword fight.
  • Anna Fang has the upper hand, but she looks away when an airship's searchlight sweeps over her.
  • Valentine seizes the opportunity and runs her through with his sword. Gasp.