Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 3

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 3

The Waste Chute

  • Desperate to be a hero, Tom stops the would-be assassin, and then chases her as she runs away.
  • In the middle of their breakneck chase, Tom wonders "if [the assassin] was pretty: a beautiful assassin from the Anti-Traction League" (3.4). Dude, pay attention. What are you thinking with here? Your head or your... um, heart?
  • After a long pursuit, Tom corners the assassin near the waste chute. To answer his previous question: she ain't pretty. She has a long scar across her face and only one eye.
  • "Ask [Valentine] what he did to Hester Shaw!" (3.14) she shouts, and down the poop chute she goes.
  • Valentine finally catches up. He asks Tom if she had a scar, and Tom says yes.
  • Valentine puts a hand on Tom's shoulder. Tom thinks it's to comfort him, but then BAM, Valentine shoves Tom down the waste chute too, plunging him into deep darkness.