Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 34

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 34

Idea for a Fireworks Display

  • Flying away from London, the Jenny Haniver is struck by a missile fired by Valentine's airship. Blammo.
  • Meanwhile, Crome is cackling like crazy as he prepares MEDUSA for attack. "We will build great engines […] and steer our planet from its orbit. We shall devour Mars, Venus, and the asteroids. We shall devour the sun itself" (34.10). Yep. He's totally crazy.
  • Katherine reaches the top of the stairs, and Bevis tells her that he loves her. Aww.
  • Back on the airship, Tom is reeling from the missile strike. He sees an opening in The 13th Floor Elevator's defenses and fires, blowing the airship to pieces.
  • Chunks of flaming airship crash into London. Bevis pushes Katherine down, but one of the fiery pieces of wreckage slams into him, killing him.
  • Katherine is in shock. Bevis is dead, and her father's ship just exploded. But she feels the bomb in her pocket and realizes she still has a job to do.
  • Who's left? Oh, that's right: Hester. She gets surrounded by Stalkers and captured. They drag her toward the cathedral as its dome starts to open.

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