Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 35

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 35

The Cathedral

  • Because he hasn't felt guilty in about ten minutes, Tom starts feeling remorse over blowing up Valentine's airship with his henchman still in it.
  • Then he remembers Hester. He has to go back for her. He turns the Jenny Haniver back toward London.
  • Back in London, Katherine finally reaches the cathedral. MEDUSA is about to be launched.
  • But first, time to kill Hester. The Stalkers bring her in, and Valentine readies his sword to kill her himself.
  • Katherine leaps between them, and Valentine slices through his own daughter (well, one of them) himself.
  • Bleeding to death, Katherine staggers over to the MEDUSA computer and falls on it.
  • The computer likes this about as much as it would like a cat walking on its keyboard. It malfunctions, and MEDUSA looks like it's going to explode.
  • Hester runs to Katherine's side and tears off a strip of her own clothing to stanch the bleeding.
  • Just in time, Tom lands the Jenny Haniver. Saying it has a medical bay aboard, Hester and Valentine drag Katherine toward the ship.