Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 7

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 7

High London

  • Magnus Crome, the Lord Mayor of London pays a visit to Dr. Twix (mmm... Twix) and demands to see Grike. We don't know what a Grike is yet, but it sure doesn't sound as yummy as a Twix bar.
  • Whatever the Grike is, it has glowing green eyes and TALKS LIKE THIS.
  • Crome makes an agreement with Grike: kill Tom and Hester, bring him the bodies, and he will give him his heart's desire. Does this thing even have a heart?
  • One more P.O.V. shift: Valentine prepares to leave on his secret mission. He tells Katherine that he's been sent to investigate Shan Guo and Batmunkh Gompa, the Shield-Wall. How very Game of Thrones.
  • It seems like the plan is to penetrate this barrier one day so that London can steamroll in and devour them all. Katherine wishes there were some other way...