Study Guide

Mortal Engines Chapter 9

By Philip Reeve

Chapter 9

The Jenny Haniver

  • Tom and Hester speed through the market, desperate to escape Wreyland and his men.
  • They start asking everyone for a ride to London. One woman says she can take them to Airhaven, and they might be able to hitch a ride from there. When hitchhiking via airship, do you still hold out your thumb?
  • Wreyland catches up to them and tries to take them back into custody.
  • When Hester is cornered, she pretends to be sick. Then, when Wreyland least expects it, she clocks him on the head with a wrench.
  • The woman shows up again, and leads Tom and Hester to her airship before any more trouble happens. Her name is Anna Fang. Her ship is the Jenny Haniver.
  • The town of Speedwell fires missiles at the Jenny Haniver, but they're no match for Anna's fancy flying. Into the clouds they go.