Study Guide

Mother Night Chapter 12

By Kurt Vonnegut

Chapter 12

Strange Things in My Mailbox…

  • At first, Campbell lies to Kraft about his past, but he later spills the beans because friendship.
  • Looking back, Campbell can't tell which of the things Kraft said were real and which were were fake.
  • Did he really think Campbell was a great a writer? Yes, Campbell decides, that must have been true. Convenient.
  • One night, Kraft says Campbell needs to get writing again. He says Campbell needs a muse. He needs a woman in his life. Kissy-facing it is the answer.
  • Campbell's not into it, because he's still heartbroken over Helga. He goes to check his mail instead.
  • Usually, there's nothing much—just interest checks from his various stocks.
  • This time is different, though. First, there's a creepy white-pride newspaper called The White Christian Minuteman that trash-talks blacks, Asians, and Jews. Great.
  • Second, there's a letter from O'Hare. Yes, that O'Hare—the one who captured Campbell in Germany. He knows where Campbell lives, wishes he were dead, and is coming to pay him a visit.
  • Oh, and by the way, O'Hare's totally sent copies of this letter to all major news outlets, not to mention—wait for it—FBI head J. Edgar Hoover.
  • The heck? How did both this newspaper and O'Hare hear about Campbell?
  • Oh. The newspaper has a little blurb on Campbell the "hero." It even reveals that Campbell lives alone in a cramped attic apartment in NYC.