Study Guide

Anton Cuzak in My Ántonia

By Willa Cather

Anton Cuzak

Cuzak is Ántonia's husband. Jim approves of Cuzak when he gets to meet him at the end of the novel. Jim thinks that Cuzak and Ántonia get along well together and complement each other. We are inclined to like Cuzak because he recognizes in Ántonia the same great qualities that Jim does. For his part, Cuzak says that he knew as soon as he met her that she was the woman for him. Cuzak is also an immigrant and expresses some of the homesickness that we've seen elsewhere in the novel. Like Ántonia, he remembers much of Bohemia and doesn't feel like he's been away as long as he has.

Cuzak seems happy enough with his life, though he is perhaps overwhelmed or at least amused by how many children he has. He also is one of the "city people" in the novel, rather than one of the "farm people" (see "Characterization" for more on this). This could make it difficult for him to be with Ántonia on the farm, but he says he doesn't mind it too much. It is this fact that prompts Jim to wonder whether the life that is right for one person is ever right for two people.