Study Guide

My Ántonia Book 5, Chapter 3

By Willa Cather

Book 5, Chapter 3

  • Jim finally says good-bye and leaves for Black Hawk. Jim is sad to leave Ambrosch, whom he likes so much. He tells him and Rudolph that they'll go hunting together next summer.
  • Jim doesn't enjoy his day in Black Hawk because he doesn't recognize most of the people there. He hangs out with Anton Jelinek and an old lawyer who fills him in on the details of the Cutter case.
  • He walks outside of the town to look at the landscape. He feels at home again. He stumbles on the old road that leads out to his grandfather's old farm. It's mostly been ploughed under.
  • Jim sits down and looks out at the sun. He remembers the night he arrived on the train from Virginia. He feels as though he and ├üntonia walked on the road of destiny to get where they are today, and that they possess the past together.