Study Guide

Mr. William Heron in My Brother Sam Is Dead

Mr. William Heron

Mr. Heron is a rich dude who lives by the Meekers and is super involved in the war. But here's the funny part: it's never clear which side Mr. H is on.

Sometimes he seems to be a Tory. When Tim first introduces us to Mr. H, he makes this fact pretty stinkin clear: "Mr. Heron was a Tory" (5.26). Okay, seems simple enough. But then sometimes it looks like Mr. Heron is a Patriot, like when the Continental soldiers "mentioned William Heron in a friendly way" (11.50). Hmm, now we have no idea what to think.

So the question remains: is Mr. Heron a Tory or a Patriot? What do you think?