Study Guide

My Heartbeat Chapter 10

By Garret Freymann-Weyr

Chapter 10

  • James and Ellen have to awkwardly dissect what just happened between them.
  • James had been hoping to have everything patched up between him and Link before he started getting serious with Ellen.
  • He used to call her "our insurance" because if she was around, then Link and James couldn't experiment physically.
  • They hash things out. James and Link are done because Link's love for James made him unhappy, while Ellen's love for him, on the other hand, will be shown without hesitation.
  • Things are going to be awkward between Link and Ellen, but that's unavoidable. So be it.
  • Link's college essay is proving to be a bit problematic. It's supposed to be about why he loves math, but Ellen thinks it sounds more like he is drowning in it. She tells herself she must have missed the point as usual, but maybe this time she's the only one who sees through the charade.
  • Now Ellen divides aspects of her life into two categories: kissing and not kissing. It's obvious which one she prefers.
  • She is excited to finally be one of those girls who worry about sex, but with James she's not scared.