Study Guide

My Heartbeat Chapter 14

By Garret Freymann-Weyr

Chapter 14

  • Link doesn't really want to get a tree; he just had to get the heck outta Dodge.
  • Link thinks if the three of them (him, James, and Ellen) can get together again everything will work itself out. He asks Ellen if she'll call James and set it up.
  • They all meet at James' favorite restaurant, and the boys catch up on everything they can without touching on sensitive subjects… and then awkward silence.
  • Link invites James to his recital.
  • James calls Link out. (Finally, someone does). He says that their parents are afraid that Link is gay, and that they'll continue to be afraid as long as he is.
  • James tries to convince Link that if he'd just tell his dad everything, maybe he'd try to come around on the subject—but they won't know unless he tries. Link thinks that talking to his dad is pointless, though. Plus, Link can't tell his dad how he feels because he's not sure about it himself.
  • Link and Ellen realize they're not prepared for Christmas at all. Better get to it.
  • Ellen wonders if Link and James would still be so distant if she weren't there. She also worries about whether she needs to back out of her relationship with James—but who would that benefit?