Study Guide

My Heartbeat Chapter 17

By Garret Freymann-Weyr

Chapter 17

  • Ellen starts drawing everything—she's inspired—but she can only draw things from memory. For some reason if she tries to draw something she's looking at it comes out all wrong.
  • James is impressed by her drawings, which is a relief to Ellen, who values his opinion almost above all others.
  • James starts giving her pointers on how to improve her drawings, but overall thinks she has a ton of potential.
  • Link has started seeing the shrink. He's advised him to give up track and start tutoring third graders. Now Ellen sees him even less. She makes up for his absence by drawing him over and over again.
  • Ellen's favorite thing to draw is her dad's study. She uses his German book as the theme that binds all the drawings together.
  • She's hoping that by drawing his study she can get to know her father a bit better.