Study Guide

My Heartbeat Chapter 9

By Garret Freymann-Weyr

Chapter 9

  • Thanksgiving arrives, and in the McConnell family it is more of a business opportunity than a holiday—Ellen's father always invites the people on his staff who don't have other plans.
  • Everyone is super busy, Dad with his cooking, Link with college applications, and Mom's work is in full swing.
  • Ellen is now neglecting her homework in order to read art books so she can learn how to really look at paintings.
  • Her dad starts asking her questions about school, friends, and so on (you know, typical out-of-touch dad questions), and she dodges most of them.
  • For some reason both of her parents have been trying to ask her about Polly and Link, and she's curious about why.
  • Thanksgiving goes really well, much to Ellen's surprise.
  • James invites her to go rollerblading so she can finally use her birthday present. Also, so he can get out of the house while his half-sisters are visiting. They're not exactly fond of each other due to the circumstances under which he was conceived.
  • James and Ellen rollerblade for a while (Ellen falling a lot, James gracefully instructing her), and then when James realizes he left his wallet at home, debate where to go: brave the half-sister coven, or brave Link in order to get some food.
  • James insists it'd be too weird to go to Ellen's house because, as he says, "we're not dating […] the way your brother and I weren't a couple." So… they're dating?
  • After this revelation, they make out.