Study Guide

Nation Allusions

By Terry Pratchett


Literary References

Jane Austen (9.82)

Historical References

The Crimean War (1.44)
Catherine de' Medici (1.48)
Attila the Hun (1.48)
Charles Darwin (3.69) (4.13) (11.213) (Today.58)
Isaac Newton (4.16) (15.18) (15.168)
Delphic Oracle (9.70)
The Hundred Years' War (15.193)
Charles I (15.200)
Oliver Cromwell (15.205)
Charles II (15.275)
Albert Einstein (Today.16)
Carl Sagan (Today.16)
Astronomer Patrick Moore (Today.16)
Physicist (Today.16)

Pop Culture References

The reference to a Bos'n Higgs (a bosun is a sailor) is a sly nod to the Higgs-Bosun Particle (5.179)