Study Guide

Mrs. Gurgle in Nation

By Terry Pratchett

Mrs. Gurgle

Mrs. Gurgle is a strange old woman who washes up on the island. And we mean strange: "She had lost most of the hair on her head, moved on all fours like a chimpanzee, and looked as if she'd been made out of old leather bags. Also, she [...] tended to fart in an unlady-like way" (8.95).

May the Farts be With You

Like any crazy old lady with gas, she's a woman of great power. (That's why you should always help the elderly cross the street.) She's also known as the Sky Woman (although with all that gas, we'd call her the Wind Woman), and she helps Daphne die. No, totally in a good way! Daphne has to die to save Mau from the Dark Current, the land between life and death.

When Daphne wonders if this is safe, Mrs. Gurgle responds. In Cahle's translation:"[Mrs. Gurgle] says safe is not sure. Sure not safe. There is just do, or do not do" (8.141).

Oh! We thought Mrs. Gurgle looked familiar. She's a female Yoda.