Study Guide

Nation Chapter 13

By Terry Pratchett

Chapter 13


  • "The Raiders came just before dawn" (13.1).
  • This is not a test of the Emergency Alert System. This is real.
  • The Raiders land on the beach and Mr. Cox, who is now their leader, comes ashore and approaches Mau.
  • Mau and Cox enter into war negotiations. See, the Raiders believe in chief vs. chief single combat mode.
  • If this is anything like Spy vs. Spy Island Caper, it's going to get ugly.
  • Speaking of ugly, Cox shoots the parrot.
  • Ugh, dude. Never kill the animal. That's just a death sentence right there. 
  • Sure it was annoying, but we didn't want it to die.
  • To prove that the gods don't smile upon the Raiders, Mau orders the cannon to be fired, the cannon that was busted and repaired with string. 
  • It works. Guess the Gods don't care too much for the Raiders.
  • Daphne isn't too keen on the idea, but Mau decides to fight Cox in a duel.