Study Guide

Chrissie and Rodney in Never Let Me Go

By Kazuo Ishiguro

Chrissie and Rodney

Chrissie and Rodney are the cool couple at the Cottages, the lovebirds that everyone looks up to. They've already been living at the Cottages for a while when Kathy, Ruth, and Tommy get there, so they are among the "veterans." Rodney can drive and Chrissie is chatty—so what's not to love? Something, apparently, because Kathy feels only so-so about this couple. She criticizes Chrissie's looks and complains that Rodney is whipped.

But what really makes Chrissie and Rodney stand out is their obsession with all things Hailsham. This duo didn't go to this special school. So whether they're chatting at the Cottages or on a road trip to Norfolk, Chrissie and Rodney are super curious about the perks that come with being Hailsham students. Deferrals, anyone?