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Nine Perfect Strangers Smoothies

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Confession time—we here at Shmoop love smoothies. Strawberry smoothies. Pineapple smoothies. Cucumber smoothies. Matcha green tea and pomegranate smoothies. We just can’t get enough.

But the smoothies they serve at Tranquillum House? Color us skeptical.

Sure, they all taste delicious. But they’re also filled with micro-doses of LSD. Gee, maybe that’s why everyone’s digging the flavor so much. Plus, they’re not exactly optional:

“The smoothies are mandatory,” said Yao kindly. It was confusing because you’d think from his tone that he’d said, “They are optional.” (57.177)

Smoothies are just one of the ways that the staff at Tranquillum House exerts control over their guests in subtle ways. Masha and her team want it to seem like they’re promoting health and wellness, but they’re really drugging everyone to put them in a better mood.

First, they get the guests to give up the foods they like. Then they get them to drink their smoothies. Next thing you know you’re locked in the yoga studio after a particularly intense smoothie-induced drug trip.

Wow. Personal transformation and smoothies—it’s a slippery slope.

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