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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • Frances makes her way downstairs for their first guided meditation. 
  • She notices each of the other eight guests—and is especially shocked to see the serial killer guy who saw her crying on the side of the road. How mortifying. 
  • Once everyone gathers, Masha enters the room. 
  • Masha tells them that over the next ten days they’re all going to become very different people. 
  • Then she starts to explain the story about how she died ten years ago. She tells them that her near-death experience was a gift that provided her with clarity about her life. If they don’t believe her, they can ask Yao all about it. Well, that sounds believable. 
  • Just then, Zoe breaks the noble silence and says she needs a quick breather from all the death talk. 
  • Since one person talked, the serial killer guy sees this as the perfect time to ask Masha a question—Did someone go through their bags?

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