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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

  • In his room, Lars is woken up by the same light. 
  • It’s Delilah, and she’s there to collect Lars for the starlight meditation. 
  • Lars isn’t too thrilled about going, but he gets dressed and heads downstairs anyway. 
  • He sees all the other guests have gathered with Masha leading them all. 
  • Lars isn’t super interested in thinking about the questions Masha has given them to ponder. He thinks about his partner, Ray, instead. 
  • Ray wanted to come on this retreat, even though he’d never joined Lars before. 
  • Lars thinks it might have something to do with the text he got earlier from Ray’s sister. The one asking him to think about it. But Lars had always been super clear—he does not want kids. Ray knows that. 
  • Then Lars sees a shooting star in the sky and really does wish Ray were here with him.

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