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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

  • Jessica is doing her meditation and thinking about her phone. Sigh. 
  • She can’t shake the feeling that this is really great content and she should absolutely be Instagraming it. #shootingstar 
  • She thinks back to the day two years ago when she came home and found Ben sitting on their kitchen floor. She thought someone had died. But actually...they had won $22 million in the lottery. 
  • Turns out Ben’s mom had sent them a card after they were robbed with a single lottery ticket inside. That ticket had been the big winner. 
  • Jessica’s mother warned her that money like this could ruin your life, but Jessica didn’t understand how that could be true. They were rich! 
  • But maybe her mom had been right. They were estranged from family members who didn’t think they’d done enough for them financially. People had come out of the woodwork constantly asking for more and more money. 
  • And Ben didn’t care. He was glad to give it to them. Jessica, not so much. 
  • The one thing that Ben liked from the lottery was his car. 
  • That stupid, stupid car.

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