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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 21

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Chapter 21

  • Inside Carmel’s room, things are not going well. 
  • One minute, she’d been at the pool thinking about how great it was to take a break from all the stresses and worries of mom life. 
  • The next minute, she was wondering what her four adorable daughters were doing with their father and his lovely new girlfriend, Sonia, on their trip to Paris. 
  • Thinking over that scenario gave her a bit of a panic attack. 
  • Carmel’s divorce had been amicable. Her ex-husband just decided he didn’t love her anymore. No fuss! No muss! 
  • Now, his new girlfriend, Sonia, is trying her best to be loving and kind to Carmel’s daughters. 
  • And Carmel is trying her best to be completely dignified at all times and not burst into tears at the thought of her husband leaving her for a younger, more attractive woman. 
  • Now Carmel is at Tranquillum House to lose some weight. She doesn’t want her ex back. She just wants him to see what he’s missing when she comes home looking thin and beautiful and oh-so-transformed. 
  • Just then, Yao knocks on the door to deliver an invitation for a facial before dinner. 
  • This is how Carmel knows that Masha and Tranquillum House are the real deal. Carmel is prepared to follow Masha to the ends of the earth to get the results she wants.

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