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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

  • That night, Yao, Masha, and Delilah are having their daily briefing in Masha’s office. 
  • Masha wants a rundown on the guests and Yao can’t help but marvel at how she manages things. 
  • In the past, both Yao’s mother and Delilah have accused him of being in love with Masha. But he’s not. Okay, maybe he does have a little crush. Just a tiny one. 
  • After Masha had her near-death experience, she contacted Yao. He kept in touch with her over the years and let him know that she was opening a wellness center. 
  • One day, after Yao had experience a year of setbacks—a broken engagement, his parents divorce, unhappiness at work—Masha asked him to visit Tranquillum House. 
  • Yao decided to stay there and work. That was five years ago.

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