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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 29

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Chapter 29

  • That afternoon, Frances heads down to the yoga studio, where she joins the rest of the group. 
  • Masha breaks the noble silence and Yao and Delilah pass green smoothies out to everyone. Masha asks everyone to go around and say why they came to Tranquillum House. 
  • Frances goes first. She tells them all about her failed book and her bad review and her internet romance scam. 
  • Then Lars goes. Turns out he’s a divorce lawyer. Carmel is there to lose weight (even though she’s thinner than Frances). Jessica and Ben tell everyone they won the lottery and are headed for divorce. This is getting, um, personal. 
  • Tony is there for weight loss at well. Frances isn’t buying it though. 
  • Napoleon recites a poem…then tells everyone that tomorrow is the third anniversary of his son’s suicide. 
  • Then, suddenly, Napoleon recognizes Tony. He’s Smiley Hogburn! He used to play football for Carlton. Frances, who isn’t very sporty, has to clarify that Carlton is a football club. (That’s not American football or European football, but Aussie Rules football. So many sports. It’s tough to keep up.) 
  • Next, it’s Zoe’s turn to talk and she starts opening up about Zach. She tells everyone that he hung himself in his bedroom. Her parents can tell there’s something not-quite-right about the way she’s expressing herself. 
  • Suddenly, Heather turns to Masha and asks, “Have you been medicating us?”

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