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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

  • Okay, so Lars has been to a lot of health resorts, but never one where they’ve given them drugs. 
  • Masha explains that she’s given the guests micro-doses of LSD to heighten their senses. So it’s cool, guys! No worries!
  • Lars is pretty chill about this revelation. But the other guests are having a more mixed reaction.
  • Heather is outraged. Napoleon is worried because he had a “bad trip” as a teenager and swore off drugs. Ben is freaked out because his sister is an addict.
  • Masha explains she’s been micro-dosing their smoothies the entire time they’ve been at Tranquillum House. But this last smoothie was something different. It’s part of a new protocol. And they’re the first nine guests who get to experience it.
  • While everyone else is losing their minds, Lars is psyched. He’s getting an exclusive five-star drug experience. Best retreat ever! 
  • The guests get ready for their “journeys.” Ben and Jessica are also told that their smoothies have added ecstasy. Lovely. 
  • Delilah helps Lars lie back for his “guided therapy.” He sees a young boy come over to him, but Lars ignores him. And then his mind explodes into a billion purple petals. 

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