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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 40

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Chapter 40

  • Heather sees her son standing in front of her even though she knows that he’s dead. He can’t possibly be with them. 
  • Memories start spinning through her mind. Of herself as a child. Zach and Zoe as babies. Finding Zach dead in his room. Zach’s funeral. And finding something in Zach’s room. Something that could explain his death. 
  • Masha comes over and asks if they would like to try family therapy now that they’re so ready to be open with each other. Heather is furious. 
  • Napoleon keeps saying Zach’s death was his fault because he hit the snooze alarm on his phone. 
  • No, Zoe tells him. Zach’s death was her fault. 
  • Heather just can’t take it anymore.

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