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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

  • Heather finally unburdens herself. 
  • She tells Zoe and Napoleon that Zach had been taking a new asthma medicine before he died. At the time, Napoleon asked her if there were any side effects and she lied and said there weren’t. But there were. Danger of suicidal thoughts was one of the side effects. 
  • Napoleon tells her that it didn’t matter. Zach didn’t have any of the warning signs of suicide. 
  • Zoe tells him that he did. Zach was acting all sullen and weird before he died. Zoe thought he was just being a jerk. Why didn’t she say something to her parents? 
  • Just then Zach hugs Zoe close and whispers to her that his death wasn’t her fault. He didn’t kill himself to punish her. “I wasn’t me,” he tells her.

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