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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

  • Ben and his wife, Jessica, pull up to the gates of the Tranquillum House in Ben’s canary yellow Lamborghini. 
  • When Jessica gets out to talk to Frances, Ben examines his car. He’s super worried that his Lambo has been damaged on the drive up. The car had been keyed just last month and that was traumatic enough. 
  • It’s clear right away that while Ben and Jessica are obviously a young, beautiful couple, they’ve got a lot of issues. Jessica suggested they come to this retreat to save their crumbling marriage. 
  • Ben is skeptical. This is probably something Jessica heard about from some stupid celebrity on Instagram. She’s constantly posting pictures and having cosmetic surgeries done to improve herself. Ben can hardly look at her anymore. 
  • Really, if it wasn’t for that robbery two years ago, they wouldn’t even be in this mess. Oh, ominous… 
  • Still, if this retreat can really save their marriage. It might be worth it. Even if the car gets dinged up on the processes. 
  • Ben manages to get the gate to Tranquillum House open using the instructions on the intercom box. Frances is slightly annoyed because that’s exactly what she tried to do 20 minutes ago. 
  • Frances drives inside the gates and Ben and Jessica follow in their car. Jessica tells Ben that she recognizes Frances—she’s a famous romance writer. She’s even read her books.

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