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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 52

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Chapter 52

  • Jessica tells the group that she’s two days pregnant. Huh?
  • As in, she and Ben had sex two days ago. Um, okay.
  • Carmel and Heather aren’t so sure Jessica is pregnant, but she’s got a good feeling about this. There’s definitely a baby on board.
  • Ben thought Jessica had been taking birth control, but, guess what? She stopped doing that two months ago. Oops.
  • Jessica then explains to Ben how she decided she wanted to have his baby, but not tell him about this decision. He feels sort of betrayed by this. We feel you, Ben.
  • Carmel reveals to Jessica that she’s a little bit jealous of her. Pregnancies are beginnings and Carmel would love to go back to a lovely beginning.
  • But then she tells her that pregnancy makes your hair go wild. Maybe Jessica doesn’t want to be pregnant after all.

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