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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 59

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Chapter 59

  • Yao is frantic. There was supposed to be a code for the door in that last doll. What has Masha done? 
  • She’s changed the plan. See, she realized, while meditating, that the guests could only find release and transformation when they understood that there was no solution. 
  • Okay, Yao says, but they’re tired and hungry. They’re not learning anything. 
  • Masha isn’t moved by the suffering of her guests. These people have been handed everything. Lucky, happy, sunny lives. 
  • She and her husband had to wait in line for hours at embassies in the Soviet era. Her husband had once been summoned by the KGB. What do these people know about suffering? 
  • Masha tells Yao that they need to terrify their guests. This will be their dark night of the soul. 
  • Then Yao tells Masha that he’s going to let everyone out. 
  • Nah, Masha tells him. And she’s holding a syringe in her hand.

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