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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 63

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Chapter 63

  • Lars, who actually is a lawyer, isn’t super thrilled to have Frances representing him but he feels it’s best to go along with this game and keep Masha happy. 
  • Surely the stakes aren’t life and death though, right? Right? 
  • Lars and Frances talk about his “case.” 
  • He tells her that he’s a lawyer and he’s in a relationship with someone who would prefer he wasn’t sentenced to death. He also doesn’t want children. 
  • Then he thinks back to something Delilah said last night during his psychedelic hallucination. She told him that they were the same because they just don’t care. 
  • And then he thinks of the little boy who tried to talk to him. 
  • Lars tells Frances to let Masha know that he and Ray are planning to have a child. That’s why he can’t die.

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