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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 67

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Chapter 67

  • Heather and Frances are trying to figure out why Frances should remain unexecuted. 
  • Frances tells Heather to appeal to Masha’s ego. Say that France has been super rehabilitated by her time at Tranquillum House. Masha should love that. 
  • Just then, Masha’s face appears on the screen. It seems it’s time to play Death Row. 
  • The guests notice that Masha is smoking. She’s also super high. 
  • Oh, this is not good. 
  • Masha asks who’s arguing first and Tony volunteers. He’s defending Carmel. 
  • But Masha isn’t impressed by Tony’s presentation. She wonders why he didn’t come up with a quick PowerPoint slideshow. What have they been doing all this time? 
  • Carmel volunteers to go next and she wows Masha with lots of meaningless corporate jargon. Wow. Masha is totally out to lunch. 
  • Then Masha welcomes them all to Tranquillum House. And demands they all do push-ups. This has really gone off the rails. 
  • Everyone is really starting to panic. Could Masha actually kill them? 
  • That’s when Masha asks if they can smell the smoke yet?

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