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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

  • In their room, Ben is super freaked out about where his car has been parked. 
  • Jessica is pretty annoyed with his feelings toward the car. Sometimes she feels like he loves the car more than her. We think she’s onto something. 
  • She’s really anxious to start couples counseling. Jessica wants to save her marriage. If she has to get another surgery or listen to an expert or read a self-help book, she’ll do it. What’s Ben doing? 
  • Jessica can’t help but think that things were better before the robbery. She came home to find their house broken into and then accused Ben’s sister, Lucy, of committing the crime. But Lucy’s an addict. Everyone knows she steals things. 
  • Except, this time, it wasn’t Lucy. Just a random robbery. 
  • Ben reads Jessica a letter explaining “the noble silence.” 
  • They won’t talk, touch or make eye contact with any other guest for five days. 
  • Jessica knows they’ve got half an hour before the silence starts. Why doesn’t Ben try to touch her? Sigh.

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