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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 73

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Chapter 73

  • Carmel and the other guests finally leave the yoga studio, where they see a steel can filled with the embers of burning papers. This was the fire. 
  • They make their way through the empty house and meet Yao carrying a tray of fruit. Come on now, Yao. 
  • He’s pretending like things are cool. He tells them that some of the activities might have been “unusual,” but that it was all done for their benefit. 
  • Lars is not having it. They’re definitely reporting them to the police and shutting Tranquillum House down. 
  • Just then, Masha enters. Her guests must be so happy with their results, right? 
  • Wow, this lady be trippin'.
  • Heather is furious, and the two trade insults. When Heather tells Masha that she’s a terrible mother, Masha lunges for Heather with a silver dagger in her hand. 
  • At the same moment, France grabs the candelabra from the sideboard and swings it right at Masha’s head. 
  • Good Lord. Did Frances kill her?

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