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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 75

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Chapter 75

  • One week after the retreat, Jessica tells Ben she’s not pregnant.
  • Ben knows they would have stayed together if there were a baby. No baby means they’re headed for divorce. Bummer.
  • Two weeks after the retreat, Carmel’s daughters arrive home from their summer trip with their father and his new girlfriend.
  • Carmel realizes she actually likes the new girlfriend. Maybe this post-divorce life isn’t gonna be so bad after all.
  • Three weeks after the retreat, Frances finds out her old editor is coming back to work. Looks like her novel will finally find a home.
  • Maybe she’ll write a murder mystery next time.
  • Four weeks after the retreat, Lars tells Ray that he’s open to the idea of having kids.
  • Ray is over-the-moon excited, and then Lars is, too.
  • Five weeks after the retreat, Frances watches a documentary on Australian Rules football.
  • So, naturally, she calls up Tony.
  • Six weeks after the retreat, Napoleon goes to see his doctor. He’s been feeling depressed since his experience with the drugs at Tranquillum House.
  • He’s worried that he might take his own life. Like Zach.
  • His doctor assures him that they’re going to figure this out together.
  • Two months after the retreat, Tony is telling Frances that he’s going to take a trip to Holland.
  • Frances has never been to Holland. So he invites her along.
  • Three months after the retreat, Heather and Napoleon are in bed when Heather tells Napoleon that she thinks he needs to yell at her. Get it all out.
  • He doesn’t agree, but then he finally shouts at her. Yes! Heather should have checked the side effects on the medication she gave Zach!
  • And he shouldn’t have hit snooze on his phone! With that, Napoleon throws his phone and it smashes against the wall.
  • And Zoe should have told them something was wrong with Zach.
  • But being mad about those things will never bring him back. And knowing what happened will never fill the hole that’s left now that he’s gone.
  • Hey, we’re not crying. You’re crying.
  • One year after the retreat, Ben finds out that his sister has died of a drug overdose.
  • The first person he calls isn’t his ex-wife, Jessica. It’s Zoe.

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