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Nine Perfect Strangers Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Turns out Masha is the director of Tranquillum House. Another blast from the past! 
  • Masha is sitting in her office thinking about the past—her ex-husband, the day she immigrated from Russia, and that other day, ten years ago, when she almost died. 
  • That’s when she left the corporate world and opened Tranquillum House. 
  • Now she helps her guests achieve health and wellness and she’s looking forward to assisting this group of nine perfect strangers very much. 
  • Masha looks down her list of guests one by one and sizes them up. 
  • In the past, she’s only helped her guests change temporarily. But this time, she’s changed the protocol at Tranquillum House. Her guests will be transforming for good. 
  • That can’t be good.

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